The midwifery practice

At our practice we offer antenatal care, antenatal classes, prenatal and postnatal yoga (these courses are given by Murielle Henchoz) and postnatal exercise classes with Pilates.

After a home birth or a hospital birth with early discharge or a few days in hospital, we professionally support and advise women and families in their new life situation until the eighth week after the birth. This involves the following services:

  • Answering questions about breastfeeding or feeding the baby
  • Baby care
  • Support with postpartum recovery
  • Advice on family planning and living with a newborn baby
  • All necessary examinations and tests

This first period is crucial and we work in a bonding and needs-oriented way, addressing your individual situation.

These services are fully covered by your basic health insurance. It pays for 16 home visits for your first child or after a Caesarean section, and 10 home visits otherwise. A doctor’s certificate is required for longer follow-up care. We also strongly recommend that you attend an informative preliminary consultation to get to know your midwife and ask any questions you may have. This costs CHF 100 and is not covered by your health insurance. We cover for each other at weekends and during holiday periods, so a midwife is there for you 365 days a year. You will have one midwife as your main contact person.