Our prenatal yoga classes are taught in small groups and offer adaptation of classic yoga practices for all women, from the 12th week of pregnancy and until birth.
The classes will keep you fit and active but also help you enjoy pregnancy, prepare for labour, delivery and motherhood.
These sessions can help alleviate common discomforts such as backache, sciatica, difficulty sleeping and anxiety. They include gentle movements to strengthen the body and focus the mind, breathing awareness and guided relaxation.
Group practice is also a great way to connect and share experiences with mothers-to-be like yourself.

Mondays from 6:45 - 8pm (in English) New group starts on Monday 26th of February

6 evenings 200 CHF
8 evenings 260 CHF


Our postnatal yoga classes are taught in small groups and offer a holistic approach focusing on the needs of the physical, spiritual and emotional well-being of women during the postpartum period and beyond.
They include specific exercises to re-establish good posture, recondition the pelvic floor & deep core muscles and alleviate back & neck problems arising from pregnancy, baby carrying and (breast)feeding. Deep breathing and relaxation are also essential tools for the healing process.
Group practice is a great activity to get in touch with other mothers, share experiences and prevent the experience of isolation.

Thursdays from 9:30 - 10:30 am (in English) All classes resume on Thursday 29th of February

6 mornings 200 CHF
8 mornings 260 CHF

Monday / Thursday

6 or 8

200 CHF / 260 CHF